The distinguishing feature of Klöckner polyPUR is the competence and personal service given by its staff. You can always rely on your personal contact within the company to know your company needs and to reliably act upon these.

The flexibility of our approach and the innovative solutions that we find to customer challenges and problems is greatly appreciated by all of our customers.

Our philosophy

Everyone should do what he can do best.

Klöckner polyPUR fulfils the core competence and optimally supplies you with the chemicals needed. That way we can concentrate on what you are used to from us: receiving high-quality materials in time. Apart from that we are flexible as far as your needs and requirements are concerned.

Our storage locations have been chosen from according to our logistic needs. A high standard is also maintained with the hauliers working for us. We permanently and carefully inspect all companies doing storage or transport jobs for us.

Because of these high demands on our partners we can optimally react to the needs of our customers. Regular checks to verify the fulfilment of our standards are a must.

We are - of course - ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Our vision is to pursue and achieve quality expansion. This means one thing for us: to expand the service branch. Whether buying or selling we want to acquire good products from leading manufacturers. That could be the case in the polyurethane area. In principle, we are also open in other chemical areas. However, we claim that we are competent in these areas. With certain experience, we can attain optimal results.

Organisationally, we are the essence of flexibility. We arrange cooperation possibilities together with our partners. From loose collaboration in individual cases to permanent contracts, we are always looking for the best solutions for a combined approach.