To match our customers' requirements for speciality polyols for rigid foam applications we were searching for an appropriate producer of such materials. After many discussions with quite a number of companies, we were finally successful in closing an agreement with the Spanish company PLASFI. We now act as their distributor in many countries north of the Alps.

PLASFI was established in 1980 as a small system house and since then successfully grown to a really considerable size thanks to the skill and forward thinking of their management. The company is well able to produce "tailor-made" polyols matching the needs of end-users.

We are very happy to present the product ranges of our partner company as follows:

Aromatic Polyester Polyols

Based on many years of experience in the production of PU Systems Plasfi produce a wide range of aromatic polyester polyols for the formulation of rigid polyurethanes.

The Plaspol® PS series contains phthalic anhydride based formulations with various viscosities and OH values. The application ranges for Plaspol® PS products are –two-component spray foams; systems for production of PUR/PIR insulated panels and formulations for production of continuous and discontinuous slab foams.

The Plaspol® PP and Plaspol® PST series are based on recycled PET and have very good flame retarding properties plus a highly economic efficiency in formulation of two component rigid foam systems, especially for PIR panel foams.

For formulations requiring a high flame retarding factor, the Plaspol® PSB series consists of polyester polyols with a high percentage of halogen. Because of the high stability, good compatibility and low viscosity of Plaspol PSB products, high levels of flame retardancy can be achieved with two component systems.

Aliphatic Polyester Polyols

The Plaspol® APS series includes a range of products suitable for formulation of PU systems for shoe soles, polyester based slab foams, TPUs and glues as well as for two-component PU paints and PU coatings.

Polyether Polyols

The Plaspol® BT, Plaspol® BTO und Plaspol® BTP series are Mannich bases with and without propylene oxide. Their excellent properties in two-component systems for spray foams and double band panels are: high reactivity and high flame retarding factor that can be increased upon customer's request by means of addition of halogenated phosphoric ester based flame retardants. This product series comprises materials with many viscosities and OH values.

The Plaspol® BP series is formulated with Sucrose as the basic raw material and give the advantage high functionality and high rigidity when used to formulate rigid foam systems.

Where applications require both high reactivity and rigidity, e.g. for continuous double band lamination systems, the ethyl amine based Plaspol® A series is recommended for production of high quality products.

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