The focus of our business activities is the distribution of polyurethane raw materials and additives.

These products (TDI, polymeric MDI, polyols as well as flame retardants and catalysts) are used in many areas of the polyurethane industry.

For example the main uses of TDI are in 'slab stock' i.e. flexible foams for the upholstery, automotive and aerospace seating, mattresses etc. Although significant quantities are used in producing other resins used in the coatings industry; MDI is again used in producing foams but these are rigid foams for the insulation industry. Another application ist the field of CASE = Coatings - Adhesives - Sealants - Elastomeres.

Both TDI and MDI are also used to produce a wide variety of pre-polymers used for a very wide range of applications.

The flame retardants of "ICL-IP" are used in PUR applications as well as in Polycarbonates, PC ABS, PVC, EPS/EPS, ABS, PP, PE and PBT/PET.

"Valikat" catalysts are widely used in CASE applications as well as in flexible foam applications.

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