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What can we do for you?

Our business is trading and distribution of chemicals. 

Our main job is to distribute raw and auxiliary supplies for the polyurethane industry. We also serve other industry areas such as adhesives, car supplies, plastic, building, wood and textile as well as nuclear power plants. 

We handle any amounts from single barrels to full tanker loads or tank containers. The goods are either distributed with the original brand name or strictly in our name. Because we work together with partner companies we can offer filling and mixing services. We claim to supply our customers with raw and auxiliary materials economically and in sensible amounts. 

Sales under our brand name

You don't want the customer to know who has produced the distributed goods? We have a solution for you: In order for you to sell on the goods unrecognised, we use our own brand name. This means that we distribute the goods but our customers do not know where they come from. Our name stands for quality goods. You would like to take advantage of such a distribution channel? Then you need to get to know us. We are happy to meet you!

Distribution business

We enable our partners to efficiently outsource products. We react very flexible to your needs. We could - for example - take over whole product groups and do a full service distribution in regions to be agreed. We take truckloads from the production site and sell the products from our warehouses. All related jobs including transport, MSDS are our business and save large amounts of money for the producers. This way producers can dedicate their time to their own core competence and key accounts. This way the demand for smaller quantities will be efficiently and economically handled on their behalf.


A partnership with Klöckner polyPUR Chemie GmbH

These are the advantages:

Are you looking for an experienced partner for your products in the chemical industry? Then you should get to know us.

Experience and expertise make up our strong core competence. Profit from our wide range experience in handling chemicals. We deliver to our customers every possible requested quantity be it single drums, road tankers or ship loads by our carefully chosen service-partners.

For decades we have been maintaining and expanding our contacts in the chemical industry. With this network it is possible to penetrate quickly into markets that in most cases would not be possible using own resources. We can support you not only in the number of geographical areas we Service but also via our depth of knowledge of the market sectors we service.

Has this offer convinced you? Then please ring us or send an email.
Mr Jörg Teschner  is your personal contact person:
Telephone: +49 203 500 3918
Telefax: +49 203 500 3939

The facts:

  • Quantities: from single barrels to ship loads
  • Geographical Trading Area: Worldwide with our major focus on Europe/Scandinavia and neighbouring Eastern European countries.
  • Logistical Facilities: Well established specialist transport companies. Bulk storage facilities and full environmentally controlled warehousing.
  • Distribution and Sales Channels: Germany, Belgium/Netherlands/Luxemburg, Austria + Switzerland are administered from Duisburg. In other European countries we have been working together for years with sales representatives which have excellent market knowledge.
    Location: Duisburg, expanding logistic centre in Germany